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Applying graduate-level economics skills to the job market

“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists,” the noted economist John Kenneth Galbraith quipped decades ago.  How things have changed. Today the application of economic and financial skills stretches across nearly every industry segment and is a critical skill set for many non-economists.

To underscore this point, the job outlook for Economists (narrowly defined) is forecasted at a growth rate 8% higher than the market average between 2018 to 2028.  According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) the list of transferable skills and job functions related to economic analysis is also robust, and this too is reflected in the job market,

This week’s focus on economics and finance fields focuses mainly on research-oriented positions within the private industry, policy advocacy, academic institutions and government.  But any further research on how economic skills can apply to the job market will os certainly take you even wider afield.

Start with a few examples below – or discover a larger set of opportunities on our SmartJobs page.


Economist, US Department of Treasury

Policy Director, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

Business Development Manager, Midwest, Oxford Economics

Policy Program Associate (Housing Finance), Urban Institute

Director of Academic Relations, CoStar

Economist II, FedWriters


Health Economist, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Director, Survey Research and Quantitative Modeling, JUST Capital

Food Systems Economics and Science Fellow, National Resources Defense Council

Director of Data Science, Analysis Group

Manager, Advanced Analytics, Levi Strauss


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For access to more jobs as well as archived and searchable opportunities, visit our SmartJobs page.  Note: SmartJobs access requires a university affiliation. User-generated jobs are open to all members and can be accessed here.