Careers in Publishing (Oct. 19-23, 2015)

The demand for written content has never been higher – yet the publishing industry is in a transitional state at best. Traditional modes of publication are declining as alternative modes are rapidly evolving. Some say it’s a dying industry; others say it is rising like a phoenix in surprising new forms. Should we be optimistic or pessimistic about a new PhD’s chances of entering and enjoying this field?

Join us October 19-23 in the Versatile PhD Humanities/Social Science Forum to find out, in a virtual panel discussion of Careers in Publishing. The panelists are all PhDs in humanities or social science disciplines with experience in academic publishing, trade publishing, or educational publishing. All of them look forward to sharing their experiences, discussing the field and answering your questions.

Panelists will introduce themselves Monday, October 19 and will take your questions for the rest of the week through Friday, October 23.

To participate, join VPhD if you haven’t already, then visit the Humanities/Social Science forum any time that week. Look for threads beginning with the word “Panel.” No special registration or sign-up is required beyond simply joining Versatile PhD.

You can follow the discussion by email if you wish: weekly digest, daily digest, or per post (every post sent to your inbox). Sign in, then follow this clickpath to notification settings: MyVPhD > Profile > Settings > Notifications: Forums, Jobs, & Other

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