Careers in Technical Writing for Humanities and Social Science PhDs (Mar. 14-18, 2016)

Many in the humanities imagine that they might like to be writers. There are many different ways to pursue that goal. One of the most interesting (and most employable) is to be a technical writer. Technical writing is much more than just instruction manuals. With technology penetrating every corner of our lives, we all frequently encounter situations where we need help to understand how to use a given thing, be it a three-dimensional object or a website or a software app. Technical writing, at its heart, is basically helping people understand how to use something that is important to them.

Come learn about “Careers in Technical Writing” in the Versatile PhD Humanities and Social Science forum, March 14-18. Five panelists, all PhDs or ABDs in humanities or social science disciplines and all currently working as technical writers, will introduce themselves on Monday March 14 and answer your questions all week, through Friday March 18. They work in various technical writing roles in a variety of different companies – and they truly enjoy their work. Hear about this career path first hand from people like you. It may be more interesting than you think!

Panelists will introduce themselves Monday, March 14 and will answer your questions for the rest of the week through Friday, March 18.

To participate, join VPhD if you haven’t already, then visit the Humanities/Social Science forum any time that week. Look for threads beginning with the word “Panel.” No special registration or sign-up for the panel discussion is required beyond simply joining the Versatile PhD community. Joining automatically gets you access to the discussion forum and therefore to the panel.

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