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Digital Games and Cybersecurity: Fun with a PhD?


Our latest research reveals deep demand for PhD skills across the digital domain and cyberspace, from engineers to storytellers and editors.  But is it all a game?

This week we look at gaming, including AR/VR applications, and cybersecurity.  Today’s “video gaming world” has over 2.5 billion gamers worldwide and is approaching over $90 billion in annual sales (this and more mobile gaming statistics sourced by Khaled Shaalan); indeed, these impressive user demand numbers will continue to propel demand for new ideas and professionals with expertise for years to come. Moreover, the “gamification” of many industries suggests that we are still at the early stages of video and game design application, with new forays into digital health and wellness, aerospace, politics, technology, human resources and education, to name only a few.  Higher-order skills are needed across data science and engineering as well as in the humanities, such as social and consumer analysis, the writing of fiction and non-fiction, and design thinking, to name only a few areas.

Cybersecurity, which includes gaming, offers its own separate domain of career paths across private sector industries such as banking and industry and more generally within government institutions. If you are mission-driven, this may be a good fit.

We would encourage you to learn more about these digital industries: the space between working at Riot Games and contributing to US national security offers a wide range of choices.


Researcher, Unpublished R&D Product, Riot Games

Business Development Product Specialist, Google Play

Interactive Media Producer, Cortina

User Experience Researcher, Yext

Cybersecurity Assessment Analyst, Grant Thornton (Consulting)


Senior Software Engineer, Data Architecture, Pocket Gems

Digital AR/VR, Senior Engineer, Deloitte Studio

Sr Director, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, International Game Technology

Senior Specialist, Info Security, BNY Mellon

Engineer, Multiple Levels, Dept. of Homeland Security (Science and Tech Directorate)

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