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Food Science, Climate and Plant-Based Chicken?


Career opportunities in the future of food, agriculture and climate, focused narrowly on the US or more significantly around the world, are multiplying. In the investment and start-up world not a day goes by when there’s not some mention of a new plant-based chicken, the impact of agriculture on climate change, policies that allow more healthy lunches to school children, or how Uber is acquiring another company to deliver alcohol straight to your home.

These sectors are broad and offer a range of business, research, lab science and public advocacy opportunities.  In the US alone the food and agriculture sector accounts for over $1.1. trillion in GDP and is a critical part of the workforce.  The extension to climate, as well as the science that drives the sector’s future development, is a separate and equally important source of present and future jobs.

We have pulled in a range of possibilities, from government to private sector food development to scientific work into the how future generations will eat.  Notably, the emergence of new companies in these sectors need to draw from a wide range of domain expertise, with PhDs front and center.

Check out a few examples here, and more on our site:


Foreign Service Agricultural Officer, USAID

Senior Research Consultant, Agribusiness, IHS Markit

Director, Product Dev Commercialization, Impossible Foods

Research Analyst, IFPRI (Intl. Food Policy Research Institute)

Program Manager, Food & Agriculture, Climate Works


Field Applications Scientist (Sequencing), Thermo- Fischer

Food Science Product Development, Compound Foods

Principal Development Scientist, Meat Snacks, Conagra

Bioprocess Engineer, Invaio Sciences

Flavor Scientist, Mars Corporation


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