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Rise of the Climate Energy Corps

With the passage US Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the US Department of Energy is poised to spend over $62 billion and will hire 1,000 new employees for its new Clean Energy Corps.

Details are already up on the DOE’s website.

Specifically, positions in demand are listed across a variety of job types and skills levels, including up to PhDs and post-doctoral researchers.  Employment areas include:

  • Business Administration (0080, 301, 343, 340, 1101, 1165)
  • Communications (301, 343, 340)
  • Engineering (801, 0810, 0830, 0840, 0850)
  • Finance/Accounting (510, 560, 301, 343, 340)
  • Grants/Contract Management (1109, 1102)
  • Human Resources (201/203)
  • Information Technology/Cybersecurity (2210)
  • Legal (905)
  • Legislative Affairs (301, 343, 340)
  • Operations Research (1515)
  • Physical Science (1301)
  • Program and Portfolio Management (301, 343, 340)
  • Project Management (301, 343, 340)
  • Public Policy (301, 343, 340)
  • Safety and Occupational Health (0018)

You can view ongoing job announcements on USAJOBS – DOE Infrastructure Announcements.

Importantly, these are only DOE’s immediate hires and do not reflect the massive shift in economic and climate priorities in the US that will lead to follow-on hiring across the private sector over the next decade, including the impact from the recent Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

For specific facts on the massive climate and energy initiatives underway in the US, read the fact sheet below at Climate Power.

Fact Sheet: The Senate Has Reached a Historic Climate Deal

We have explored environmental careers on multiple occasions within our SmartJobs page and will continue to do so across this exciting field.  Climate and sustainability are going to reshape parts of the employment market in ways that are only beginning to understand. And for our graduate community, there will be many ways, across a wide range of domain expertise, to make an impact.