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The Future of Eating – What Can PhDs Offer?


How we eat. What we eat. Where we eat.  This may not seem like a jumping off point for PhD appropriate careers, but the food sector (broadly defined) is at the center of scientific and commercial innovation.

Food and agricultural enterprises–public and private–are also large employers.  In the US alone, the food and beverage industry exceeds $1.5 trillion annually and employs millions.  When Ark Investment, a fund management firm, identified its view on leading “disruptive innovations” in a recent 2020 report, food delivery services (some by drone) and the companies that run them (Uber, Deliveroo, Meituan in China) were front and center.  Leading venture capital funds are doing significant investment in food innovation and employing thousands of scientists.  Ethical foods, the ability to feed the planet more efficiently, and food safety are just a few other areas gaining attention and investment.  And these ventures require highly trained people.

By way of example, our selection below includes a global marketing position for farm animal treatment, content marketing for a personalized nutrition company, agriculture specialists, parasitologists, and public policy analysts, not to mention a wide range of career opportunities within large and small enterprises in the US and around the world.  Take a look yourself.

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Vice President. Customer Success, Granular

Director, Global Market Engagement, Farm Animals, Humane Society

Director, Content Marketing and Social Media, DayTwo

Senior Gender and Agriculture Specialist, ACDI/VOCA

Senior Manager, Strategy and Execution, Saputo Dairy Foods USA 


Product Analyst, Uber Eats

Parasitology for Food Safety, US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Director, Carbon Strategy, Indigo

FDA Next Generation Sequencing Technologies, Fellowship

Quality Assurance Supervisor, American Sugar Refining (AMR)

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