Hello and welcome to The Versatile PhD!  The free community area of the site is the new home of a thriving online community formerly known as Work For Us.

In Summer 2010,  The Versatile PhD will debut a new subscription service that provides high-quality premium content designed specifically for humanities and social science graduate students looking at the possibility of post-academic careers.  The service will be very well-priced and will provide the following types of content:

  • Career Autobiographies: first-person narratives of humanities and social science PhDs who left the academy and successfully pursued post-academic careers
  • Hiring Success Stories: real-life examples of CV-to-resume conversions that resulted in actual post-academic job offers for humanities and social science PhDs (all major disciplines represented)
  • Online Career Panels:  fantastic virtual conversations between 1200+ Versatile PhD members and 3-5 panelists, all humanities or social science PhDs working in the same given field.  Great questions, great answers, great information about careers of interest to humanities and social science PhDs.

Additionally, a referral service will be provided in order to help you connect your graudate students with informational interviewees in a variety of fields.

We look forward to answering your questions, hearing your suggestions and perhaps having your university be one of our first subscribers.   Email founder Paula Chambers, Ph.D. at Paula Chambers