Upcoming Panel Discussions

“Subject Matter Consulting Palooza,” Sept. 22-26, 2014

What do you think of when you hear the word “consulting”? Maybe you think “management consulting” and imagine you would have to learn a huge amount about business to get into that field. But did you know that some PhDs and ABDs have gone into consulting, part-time or full-time, based on their existing subject matter knowledge which they developed during their academic careers? Given the right match between subject matter and industry need, it can be done.

To explore this interesting career idea, Versatile PhD will hold two simultaneous panel discussions on “Subject Matter Consulting” – humanities and social science specialists in the Humanities forum, scientists and engineers in the STEM forum. Panelists are all PhD or ABD with significant experience as subject matter consultants, either as independents, as employees of consulting firms, or as internal consultants within an organization.

We’re calling it a “Subject Matter Consulting Palooza.”  Panel discussions will be supplemented by a whole week’s worth of tweets related to subject matter consulting. Something for everyone!  Come see whether your own discipline might plausibly meet an industry need.

To participate, register on VPhD if you haven’t already, then visit either Versatile PhD Forum anytime that week and look for threads beginning with the word “Panel.” You can even receive posts by email: Log in, go to MyVPhD and click Notifications. All the choices are there for you: weekly digest, daily digest, or every posting in the forums.

Not a VPhD member? Anyone may register on VPhD for free and enjoy this great web-based discussion. Invite friends!

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