Upcoming Panel Discussions

Careers in Government Research (November 17-21)

STEM students and postdocs: do you love doing research, but don’t need to be in an academic environment? Maybe you’ve thought about industry but either it doesn’t appeal to you, or you are curious about what other options may exist. How about doing research for a government agency? Government agencies employ PhDs as research scientists in most STEM disciplines, both at the state/province and national level. In fact, you may be surprised to learn which kinds of scientists can be employed by which agencies.

Join us for the week of November 17-21 for an asynchronous, web-based panel discussion of Careers in Government Research. Several PhDs and ABDs currently working as researchers in government settings will be with us in the STEM forum to describe their work in agencies such as NASA, EPA, US Air Force, US Geological Survey, California Department of Water and Resources, and Health Canada. Panelists will introduce themselves Monday, November 17 and answer your questions for the rest of the week through Friday, November 21.

To participate, join VPhD if you haven’t already, then visit the STEM forum any time that week. Look for threads beginning with the word “Panel.” No special registration or sign-up is required beyond joining the Versatile PhD community. You automatically get access to the forum and the panel.

You can follow the discussion by email if you wish: once you’ve joined, log in, go to MyVPhD > Notifications. All the choices are there for you: weekly digest, daily digest, or per post (every post sent to your inbox).

Anyone may join VPhD for free and enjoy this great web-based discussion. Invite friends!

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2015 Panel Discussions

Careers in Technology for Humanities and Social Science PhDs (January 26-30; H/SS forum) Let’s kill the cliche that humanists and social scientists don’t or can’t have careers in technology. This panel discussion will present a good group of H/SS PhDs who have bootstrapped their way into technology careers, and now play diverse technology-centered roles in a wide variety of organizations.

Careers in Informal Science Education (February 23-27; STEM forum) Museums and other nonprofits (nature preserves, zoos, etc.) are key sites where science education takes place. Many STEM PhDs have entered this stimulating and rewarding field. The February panel will showcase a nice group of them doing informal science ed in a variety of settings.

Careers in Marketing for STEM PhDs (June 8-12; STEM forum) Products and services that have science at their core need to be marketed with the help of scientists to make sure the science is right and the best possible story is being told. This discussion will feature STEM PhDs who have gone into Marketing, using their science knowledge to help educate customers truthfully about products and services that are science-based.