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Versatile PhD’s 2022-23 live event schedule will consist of our new PhD Pathways Series which examines PhD careers across a range of innovative topics and industries, as well as new initiatives with our global partners.

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VPhD and EduCo International:

Improving Outcomes for International Students

The ability to enhance international student outcomes often starts at admissions and is reinforced during the first years of a PhD or graduate program. Early readiness is key.

As part of Versatile PhD’s efforts to accelerate PhD employment outside of the academy, we’re excited to introduce our newest partner, EduCo International Group ( as we focus on developing a complete graduate student lifecycle offering from admissions to successful employment.

Please join Versatile PhD and EduCo International Group for a 30 minute consultation that will focus on developing a Recruitment, Admissions, Retention, and Career Development strategic plan for top tier international students.

Flyer here: >> Versatile PhD EduCo Partnership Flyer

Contact us at for more information.


EduCo is a diversified, post-secondary education company dedicated to helping international students from over 120 countries achieve their academic and career goals, and with institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States.



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