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A New Start for Space Careers

The seemingly non-stop launches of rockets from SpaceX, the venerable US start-up, reminds us that we are in new era for space exploration.  Importantly, this is accelerating the volume, level and types of employment available.  Whether in deep space research, travel, interstellar mining, space services (3D printing in space?), autonomous aerospace vehicles, or dozens of other applications, existing and imagined, the depth and breadth of opportunities in the private sector are unprecedented.

And we are only at the beginning.

For a more technical view of our space future, consider this presentation by NASA to understand the emerging spectrum of space activities.  Or to find out news on the start-up market for space ventures, and research potential employers, check out CB Insights to start tracking market participants.

Then look up our space jobs this week with specialities ranging from engineering and planning to communications, post-doctoral research and national security positions.  Open positions are mostly in STEM–but as companies are formed to pursue these challenges there will be more opportunities for all areas of domain expertise.

Happy travels.


Operations Research Analyst, US Space Force


Senior Software Engineer, Collins Aerospace

Postdoctoral Research, Planetary Atmospheres

Spacecraft Systems Integration Engineer, Gryphon Technologies

Computer Vision, Satellite Imaging, Department of Defense

Research Geophysicist, NASA

Aerospace Systems Engineer, XWing

If there are areas of work you would like us to explore in more depth, please contact at 

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For access to more jobs as well as archived and searchable opportunities, visit our SmartJobs page. Note: SmartJobs access requires a university affiliation. User-generated jobs are open to all members and can be accessed here.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash