Helping graduate students and PhDs envision, prepare for, and excel in non-academic careers since 1999
Versatile PhD is the oldest, largest online community dedicated to non-academic and non-faculty careers for PhDs in humanities, social science and STEM. Over 85,000 have joined this site to...
Career Paths Discover interesting career paths
PhDs go many places. Our PhD Career Finder is an interactive tool that lists and describes non-academic careers for PhDs in your discipline, with suggestions for how to prepare - all from the PhD perspective.
Versatile PhD is proud to offer the Options 4 Success Career Exploration program, a six-module course developed specifically for PhDs by Dr. Fatimah Williams at Beyond the Tenure Track.
Community Consult the community
Our threaded discussion boards are well-populated with qualified, helpful people, some at your stage and others farther along. The Versatile PhD community is special because of its richness of experience, compassionate tone, and privacy - nothing shows up in Google.
Job Listings See job listings appropriate for PhDs
The VPhD Smart Jobs initiative, together with our Research Blog and Member job postings, is designed to empower PhDs, ABDs and post-docs with new career ideas and opportunities.
Networking Network with successful PhDs nationwide
Our 85,000+ members across the US and Canada constitute a rich resource for networking. Use the searchable Membership Directory to identify possible contacts in employment sectors that interest you.
Local Meetups Attend local meetups
Spending time with others in your situation relieves loneliness, develops relationships and can even help you get your post-academic career started. Local meetups happen across the US and Canada, organized by Versatile PhD volunteers.
Trusting VPhD Why should you trust us?
Versatile PhD understands your situation, respects your privacy and sees your potential. We've been around since 1999 and we're in it for the long haul. We are a socially positive, woman-owned business founded by a PhD who remembers exactly what it was like to be in your situation. That's why we're only describing our features to you without actually showing you: to protect member privacy! We never sell or rent your information. You control the emails you receive and what other members know about you, and you own copyright on your postings.

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