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Beyond Banking: PhD Diversity within the Financial Sector

Source:  TechFunnel

Today’s financial sector is highly diverse in terms of job requirements, the size and type of enterprises, geographic concentration as well as levels of technological innovation, salary and social mission.  From cryptocurrency start-ups to education finance to social impact investing and international banking and consulting, the finance sector also a significant source for hiring PhDs.

In the US alone, by 2026 the finance and insurance industry is projected to employ over 6 million workers, but less than half (2.4 million workers) will be at firms employing 10,000 people or more (see Figure 1). This suggests a wide range of future opportunities that span far beyond the typical banking job, and include not-for-profit and earlier stage ventures.

Figure 1: Diversity of Employment by Size of Firm

Below is a small cluster of representative jobs drawn from our weekly analysis, including many jobs that are not typically associated with the finance sector.


Advisor, Art for Justice Fund, Rockefeller Foundation

Strategy and Planning Head, Global Scaled Solutions, Uber

Global Controller, Human Rights Watch

Deputy Director, Field Services, Population Services International

Chief Economist, Global Natural Resources


Senior Financial Engineer, Calypso

Vice President, Senior Model Validator, BNP Paribas

Principal Quantitative Analyst, Finra

Director, Merchant Rick Oversight, PayPal

Officer, Conservation Science (Economics), Pew Charitable Trust

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