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PhDs in a Data-Centric Job Market

This week we went a bit overboard on data science jobs.  But it wasn’t difficult to accomplish.  Data is at the center of many industries and draws upon the type of higher order analytical, critical thinking, research design and statistical skills that many PhDs and graduate students use every day.  Data science is also a catch-all category and includes other areas such as market and behavioral research, and is part of many job descriptions.

It should come as no surprise that in our data-centric world there is a plethora of jobs available for research-savvy PhDs and those with advanced degrees across many academic disciplines.  According to the US Bureau of Labor, demand for computational and information science jobs will grow by 19% through 2026.  LinkedIn has identified the filed as “Jobs of Tomorrow”, where, outside of expert data scientists, some knowledge of data science will be an essential part of work for large part of the workforce.

For more information, including how to get started on data science careers, reference the 365 Data Science site or here.  

This week’s selection includes government agencies, research institutes and well-known companies such as Pet Smart, Pfizer, JP Morgan and Genentech. For institutional members, there is more available elsewhere on our Smart Jobs page where you can search a variety of positions by field, geography and key words.


Vice President, Quantitative Modeling and Data Science, JP Morgan

Manager, Data Science, Biz2Credit

Manager, Data Science Forecasting, Amazon 

Global Manager, eCommerce Data Science Insights, AB InBev

Applied Data Ethics Fellow, USF


Epidemiologic Data Science, Pfizer

Senior Operations Research Science, Instacart

Senior Data Science Manager, Pet Smart

Data Manager and Data Sciences Engineering, Genentech 

Computational Scientist, Broad Institute


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