Institutional Subscriptions

A Versatile PhD subscription provides for your students a rich non-academic career resource while also helping your institution fulfill its goal of providing more professional development for graduate students. The service is designed for doctoral students in the research disciplines, but master’s students can also benefit.

Your students can use the free version of the site anytime. If your institution subscribes, they get additional content and features that basic members don’t get – and you get multiple forms of support throughout the subscription term.

Access can be extended to all affiliate groups – postdocs, faculty & staff, alumni – provided that your IT people can allow those groups to authenticate through the same Versatile PhD portal.

We provide

  • Resumes and cover letters that got PhDs post-academic jobs
  • Detailed practical info on specific careers, from PhDs in those careers
  • First person stories of long-term PhD success
  • A six-module Options for Success Career Exploration Course
  • “Power Search” feature to find non-academic contacts & mentors
  • Promotional materials to help you build student awareness
  • Reminders of upcoming events and milestones
  • Metrics & reporting

You provide

  • Annual subscription fee
  • Tech support to install VPhD link on your site
  • A well-planned launch and consistent marketing year-round

Subscribing institutions are listed on the home page of the website – a visible public statement that your university supports broadened career horizons for PhDs.

Subscription term is July 1 – June 30. Pricing for new subscribers is $4,500 per full year for both humanities/social science and STEM, or $2,250 for either side by itself. A one-time $400 setup fee is charged in the first year only.

Free preview of subscription-only resources is available. You, your colleagues, and selected affiliates may participate. Please contact Todd Maurer: todd [at]