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Working to Heal the Planet

In the midst of a deadly pandemic and public health crisis, this blog will not be the first to mention the still looming environmental and climate challenges to the world’s population.  Indeed, a look at a range of jobs this week confirms that environmental career opportunities for PhDs and post-docs are as abundant as ever, across a range of disciplines.  The world needs your expertise.

This week’s job upload includes public and private sector positions ranging from wildlife and rainforest protection to multilateral agencies representations, US government research, scientific research start-ups and corporate Environmental, Governance and Social (ESG) initiatives.  There are also a range of positions that specifically use data science to tackle environmental challenges, but those will be included in our next posting.


Vice President, Landscape Conservation, Defenders of Wildlife

Senior Research Director, American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

Manager, LandScale Market Development and Partnerships, The Rainforest Alliance

Global Index Research Group – ESG Specialist – JP Morgan Bank

Analyst, Global Climate, Environmental Defense Fund

Foreign Service Environment Officer, US AID


Research Plant Physiologist/Ecologist

Climate Engineer, Allegheny Science & Technology (AST)

Post-Doc Opportunities, Grid Interactive Efficient Buildings, US Dept. of Energy

Senior Air Quality and Climate Change Specialists, Impact Science

ESG Quantitative Research Analyst, Eaton Vance Corp.

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For access to more jobs as well as archived and searchable opportunities, visit our SmartJobs page. Note: SmartJobs access requires a university affiliation. User-generated jobs are open to all members and can be accessed here.

Photo by Raphaël Menesclou on Unsplash