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Market Research in a Post-Corona Economy

  • As vaccinations begin and a sense of normalcy begins to return, we expect a broad range of industries to recover.  For many enterprises, both private and public, this not only means more hiring but also a renewed focus on strategies for reigniting growth in a post-corona world.
  • How will many of these new ideas be formed? By conducting innovative market research.
  • Market research is a catch-all term that includes a wide range of research methods, applications, and processes from designing studies to collecting and interpreting data to communicating it clearly to intended audiences.  As such, PhDs form an active and often essential component of these efforts.
  • We have already discussed the vast application of “market research” to PhDs in previous posts (see here and elsewhere on this blog).  This employment cache is so vast that it’s probably best for you to search on your own, starting with few representative jobs below that include ethnographers working for Netflix or Zoom, machine learning specialists at Twitter, and many other career profiles to think about.


Senior Associate, Research & Insights, Fuel Cycle

Senior Research Analyst, Data and Insights Team, The Economist

Senior Product Researcher, Netflix

Researcher for Consumer Insights, Zoom

Research Director, Ipsos


Global Markets Lead, Hematology, Takeda Pharmaceutical

Growth Strategist, Ginko Biotech

Lead Data Scientist, Nielsen

Experience Researcher (META), Twitter

Strategy Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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