Upcoming Panel Discussions

2015-16 Panel Discussions

January 25-29: Careers in Business (Humanities/Social Science)
Many academics view the business world with suspicion, but in truth there are many roles PhDs can play that would be satisfying for social science and humanities PhDs. This discussion of “Careers in Business” features humanities and/or social science PhDs who have gone into the business world in a variety of interesting, challenging, impactful roles.

February 22-26: Careers in Software Engineering (STEM)
Software Development is a well-known non-academic path for STEM PhDs, especially those in Computer Science and Software Engineering, but there is much to learn from the on-the-ground experiences of PhDs actually in that field. This discussion will feature STEM PhDs who have become software developers in a variety of different settings.

March 14-18: Careers in Technical Writing (Humanities/Social Sciences)
Technical Writing offers a nice way for those with humanities and social science doctorates to use their writing and research skills toward the very practical end of clarifying complex topics for others. Technical writers reduce stress in the world by first understanding, then helping others understand.