Upcoming PhD Career Panel Discussions

Our PhD Career Panel discussions are like a combination of an AMA and an informational interview. They take place in our discussion forums, so it all happens online and in writing. Each discussion takes a five-day work week; because it is asynchronous, you can participate anytime during the week.

On the Monday when a panel starts, panelists introduce themselves in the appropriate forum (Humanities/Social Science or STEM). All panelists are PhD or ABD and currently employed in the career being discussed. VPhD members may post questions and interact with the panelists through the end of the week on Friday.

PhD Career Panel discussions are open to all Versatile PhD members. Join Versatile PhD now if you haven’t already. It’s free and will not result in spam.

When a panel discussion is running, you can find it in the appropriate forum. Look in that forum for topics beginning with the word “Panel.” Good idea to read previous questions and answers before asking your own. There is no such thing as a stupid question.